Tarot Ritual

Tarot is a compelling tool for creation of ritual--it has beauty, archetypal resonance,drama, character and plot potential. It lends itself to storytelling; and it is effective in generating new insights and supporting personal growth and change. These are all great advantages in ritual and devotional work. When we use Tarot as part of ritual or devotional rites we introduce ourselves to, or deepen spiritual and emotional connections with, the entities to whom the work is dedicated. Through Tarot we learn more about the entities and about ourselves. Through Tarot we ask the entities what they want of us--what they can teach us. We also develop a clearer understanding of how to claim some part of the wisdom and power for change which those entities encompass.
Tarot Devotional Rituals for the Goddess Beginning in 2013, Linda and I developed an ongoing series of Tarot rituals inspired by various Goddesses. We call this series Goddess Magic with Tarot. Our intention in this series is to create opportunities for magical encounters with forms of the Goddess. These are devotional rituals, with storytelling, trance and Tarot readings at their heart. The original spreads for each ritual (many also included in Tarot through the Witch’s Eye) invite the participant/reader to experience Goddess energy, and to call upon that energy for insight into, and healing and counsel for, challenges and difficulties. At intervals, as part of this series, we also facilitate labyrinth walks with a Goddess and Tarot focus. Goddesses honored in the series thus far include Persephone, Demeter, and Hecate; Ariadne; Cerridwen; Inanna and Ereshkigal; Our Lady of Guadalupe/Tonantzin; The Morrigan; Green Tara; Brigid; Isis; The Norns; Lilith; White Tara; Rhiannon; Hekate Queen of the Witches; Faces of the Deep: Mother Ocean.
Tarot Rituals for the Wheel of the Year I created (or in some cases co-created with other Tarotists) a series of Tarot rituals and spreads for the sabbats of the Wheel of the Year as observed in Celtic craft traditions. These rituals were offered over a period of several turns of the Wheel. For the last year of this exploration, Tarotist and Labyrinth Priestess Linda Webster and I collaborated to combine labyrinth walks and Tarot meditations. Both the readings created for the sabbats and the labyrinth walk Tarot rites appear in my book Tarot through the Witch’s Eye.
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Announcements of upcoming Goddess Magic with Tarot rituals appear in the Tarot Calendar as they are scheduled.