The Elements of Tarot series

Here’s the exciting curriculum of Tarot classes offered by Suzanne and Cat Dancing. Check the Tarot calendar to find dates and other details and to sign up. Welcome to Tarot! We suggest starting this series with The Mysteries of Tarot. You can take the other classes on The Majors, Minors, or Court cards in any order. For those three classes, some familiarity with Tarot may be helpful, but is not required. All of these classes are experiential, engaging and fun! We emphasize intuition and use a range of tools and activities to awaken curiosity and encourage learning: trance, magic, creative play, art, breath and movement, meditation, spellcrafting, conversation.
Classes are offered on a sliding fee scale, as indicated in the Calendar listing--pay what works for you within the posted range. We ask that you pay a non-refundable deposit in advance to reserve your place. THE MYSTERIES OF TAROT: A MAGICAL INTRODUCTION This single weekend afternoon class focuses on the key meanings and magical energies of the Tarot. It’s a great way to get into Tarot, to reconnect with the cards after having been away from them for a while, or to explore the uses of Tarot for magic and spellcraft. No Tarot or magical experience required. DANCE OF THE SOUL: THE TAROT MAJOR ARCANA In two weekend afternoon class meetings we discover the Major Arcana of the Tarot as tools of magic, insight, and transformation. The archetypal energies of the Majors offer ways of opening into the powers of desire, will, choice and magic. We ask the Tarot what it can show us about the lights and shadows of the soul. BODY, MIND, SPIRIT, HEART: THE MAGIC OF THE MINOR ARCANA The Minor Arcana of the Tarot reflect our daily lives--Pentacles our bodies, Swords our minds,Wands our spirits and energy, and Cups our emotions. In two weekend afternoon class meetings, we emphasize the Minors and explore interrelationships of Major and Minor Arcana, drawing on Tarot lore as well as our own inspiration. We practice and gain confidence in reading the cards. THE FACE IN THE MIRROR: THE TAROT COURT CARDS The Tarot Court Cards--who are they? what do they have to show us? how do we read them when they appear in Tarot spreads? In this single weekend afternoon Tarot intensive we use magic, art and intuition to gaze into the Court Cards as mirrors which reflect our truth, challenge and mystery.
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