Suzanne K. McAnna has been developing her relationship with the spirit of Tarot since the early 1980’s. Her special focus is exploration of Tarot as a tool for magic, insight, and personal change. Her book Tarot through the Witch’s Eye: Tarot Wisdom for Magical and Personal Transformation is the fruit of her study, teaching, and devotional practice Suzanne offers a range of Tarot classes and workshops, from introductory to advanced, as well as special topics. She is the creator of many Tarot spreads and spells. Her other divinatory passions include the Celtic Tree Ogham and the runes of the Elder Futhark. A co-founder of Tejas Web, a central Texas-based web of witches, pagans and people of spirit, Suzanne practices and teaches witchcraft in the Reclaiming tradition and is active as a priestess, ritualist and teacher of magic in Texas and beyond. She is available for classes, workshops and presentations: just ask!
Suzanne offers Tarot consultations in person, either by appointment or on a walk-in basis, at the Austin, Texas, metaphysical shop Ancient Mysteries. Click the Tarot calendar tab for scheduled dates and times. She is also available at Ancient Mysteries at other times, by advance appointment. (In-person consultations temporarily on hiatus for health and safety reasons.) Contact Suzanne at WitchsEye@gmail.com or on Facebook @witchseyetarot. Tarot Co-Conspirators Cat Dancing - Lady Cat Dancing is well known as a Tarot consultant/reader in the Austin/Bastrop area for the past 13 years. She currently teaches several classes and workshops using the Tarot as a tool for personal growth and spiritual transformation. Clients’ comments about her Tarot readings: “Insightful!”, “Amazing!”, “Spot on!”, “Cat’s readings always give me the info that helps me make the best decision.” Lady Cat Dancing resides out in the country near Bastrop with her family, where she is an animal rights activist and self-employed artist. Her intarsia and stained glass art are available at Sherwood Forest Faire and via her website www.catdancing.com . Linda Webster - Linda has been a member and one of the facilitators of the First Unitarian Universalist Women’s Spirituality Group since 1985. She has planned and facilitated women’s spirituality workshops, women’s retreats, and life-passage ceremonies, including weddings, cronings, and memorial services. With Suzanne McAnna, Linda plans and priestesses Goddess Tarot rituals. Linda is the organizer of BookWoman’s monthly series “Getting to Know the Goddess.” She is also a speaker in the “Restoring Balance” program, sponsored by Seton Cove. Linda is a Veriditas-certified labyrinth facilitator and a member of The Labyrinth Society. She is on the Labyrinth Team of the Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church and facilitates their Women’s Labyrinth Ritual Group. Linda walks labyrinths wherever she is, including the oldest and farthest away at Chartres Cathedral in France and all the wonderful labyrinths in Austin. Linda is available to do presentations about the labyrinth, as well as to facilitate labyrinth walks. Contact Linda at Lilithfree2@gmail.com .
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